BlueMix Internet of Things Workshop with Texas Instruments BeagleBone and SensorTag

Why not start to share some of these cool things on WordPress on my own WordPress blog? I’ve been playing with Node-RED and it is pretty darn cool!


Connecting devices to the Internet of Things

This week I’m in Kenya helping run a developer event in partnership with Strathmore University.

In preparing for the Internet of Things workshop I decided to share some more verbose and detailed instructions on setting up Texas Instruments BeagleBone Black and SensorTag with the IBM BlueMix (IBM Codename: BlueMix) Internet of Things service.

Many thanks to Joshua Carr @Josh_schwaa for guiding me in preparing this workshop.

Part 1 – Collecting and visualising sensor data

In this section we’ll collect data from the world around us using a simple device set up that is useful for prototyping an Internet of Things solution. We’ll use a Texas Instruments BeagleBone as a device gateway to collect data from Texas Instruments SensorTags. The tags relay data to the BeagleBones using Bluetooth Low Energy. The BeagleBones then publish this data using a very efficient Internet protocol – MQTT…

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