Mini Ms. Pacman

Originally posted on Hackaday:
The bragging rights of owning a vintage arcade machine are awesome, but the practicality of it – restoring what is likely a very abused machine, and the sheer physical space one requires – doesn’t appeal to a lot of people. [Jason] has a much better solution to anyone who wants a vintage arcade machine, but doesn’t want the buyer’s remorse that comes with the phrase, “now where do we put it?” It’s a miniaturized Ms. Pacman, mostly scale in every detail. The cabinet is constructed out of 1/8″ plywood, decorated with printed out graphics properly scaled… Continue reading Mini Ms. Pacman

A U-Boot Independent Standalone Application

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U-Boot allows you to load your own applications at the console. The application already has the hardware interfaces available for use (u-boot does it), and everything does not need to be brought up from scratch. It comes with a sample hello_world program at u-boot/examples/standalone/hello_world.c, which is supposed to print stuff to console. It depends on U-Boot interfaces, but by tracing back the source code, it can be easily re-written to have nothing to do with the U-Boot API. In the end, hello_world.c:printf()’s job is to write the characters to UART’s address. Implementing this on a… Continue reading A U-Boot Independent Standalone Application

An Introduction To The BeagleBone PRU

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While the BeagleBone is usually compared to the Raspberry Pi, there are a few features that make the ‘Bone a vastly more capable single board computer. There is a small difference in the capabilities of the processor, but the real power of the BeagleBone comes from the PRUs available: two small cores that give the BeagleBone the hardware equivalent of bitbanging pins. [Texane] has put up two great tutorials for using the PRU in the BeagleBone that should be required reading for every BeagleBone owner. The first tutorial goes over the capabilities of the PRUs in… Continue reading An Introduction To The BeagleBone PRU

Yet another set of notes on building BeagleBone kernel

This is for building the current “production” 3.8 kernel. I’ll follow-up with building a mainline kernel in a few days. I’m only documenting this here temporarily to see if there really are any gaps in the kernel build documentation that are causing people to stumble. I got a query on #beagle yesterday that I haven’t been able to reproduce and I want to share all my steps here just in case someone can find out where some issue is at. This was run on an Ubuntu 12.04 machine: $ cat /etc/lsb-release DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=12.04 DISTRIB_CODENAME=precise DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS” $ uname -a … Continue reading Yet another set of notes on building BeagleBone kernel