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Fresh off his PhD dissertation, Andrew Henderson decided turn his Beagle Entertainment System (BES) into a tiny SNES cartridge console!

Beagle Entertainment System Cartridge Console

The Beagle Entertainment System (BES) is a suite of emulators with a GUI front-end that makes retrogaming on the BeagleBone Black simple and straightforward. It provides two SNES controller ports that use a BBB programmable realtime unit (PRU) to bitbang the controller protocol using GPIOs. This provides very low-latency controller inputs to the emulators, no matter how busy the main CPU is.

I started with a design using some Adafruit component boards I had sitting around: the ILI9340 320×240 TFT LCD, a four-channel BSS138 FET line-level converter, and a DS1307 RTC breakout board. I spent some time breadboarding the setup, using Fritzing for planning. The plan was to provide a status screen for the console using the LCD, native SNES gamepad…

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