Bio: Co-founder of BeagleBoard.org Jason Kridner is the co-founder of the BeagleBoard.org Foundation, a US-based 501(c) non-profit corporation existing to provide education in and promotion of the design and use of open-source software and hardware in embedded computing. As a more than 20 year veteran of Texas Instruments and the semiconductor industry, Kridner has deep insights into future of electronics, pioneering both TI's and the semiconductor industry's open source efforts and engagements with open hardware. In his free time, Kridner uses BeagleBone Black to explore his creativity with creations like the StacheCam, which uses a webcam and computer vision to detect faces and superimpose fancy mustaches.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Regarding your 32×32 Ledscape port (https://github.com/jadonk/LEDscape/), does videoplayer and matrix-udp-rx work for you? I get horizontal color stripes and a halving of the refresh rate. Oddly, other things, like ‘matrix-test’, ‘fire’ and ‘life’ work fine.

    I am using a 64×32 panel, which should, in theory, be usable as 2×32 panels to the code.

  2. Hi I have recently purchased a BBGW and I am disappointed in my purchase. There are a lot of tutorials out there in support of the BBB but there are few useful ones in support of the BBGW. I think that it was misleading to advertise the BBGW as “fully compatible” and a successor to the BBB. There softwares are much different. A lot of the information out there regarding the BBGW is conflicting if not just plain wrong.
    For instance, the BBGW will boot from the SD as long as there an SD card installed. You don’t have to hold down the boot button as you would on a BBB. This is one small issue but there are literally dozens.
    I think a comprehensive guide of how the issues of the BBGW and the BBB are different instead of marketing them as the same. Furthermore, is there anyway to expand the memory of the BBGW thru the use of an SD card like you can on the BBB.


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